Looking Ahead

A view of the drama

Heading into the eighth season of the Life of Christ drama, I find it humbling how God keeps using a small country church to share His holy word.  Being born and raised at Sherman Full Gospel, this is how I view my home church, but it’s clear we have a mighty work and ministry within our home.  The small church started in a garage with 12 people and has now grown to host an internationally-known drama; it’s still surreal to me.  

During my childhood, I was a part of dramatic plays and skits at SFG; we had a team that worked year-round to do different things and bring biblical scenes to the stage.  It was always a privilege to be a part of it.   As a child, I saw the skits at church as no different from the ones we did at school.  But as I grew, the importance of sharing God’s word via the stage became clear.  Seeing the Bible play out brings a special something that we all need.  For some, coming to a theater production is more straightforward than attending a church service.  For other people, seeing the story come to life brings them to a place of understanding.  No matter what, seeing the word of God on the stage shows us the love our heavenly Father has for us.  

I volunteer in the lighting department within the drama—spotlights specifically— which means I’ve seen the drama many times.  Having the vantage point, I do allow myself to see everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I see if there is a misstep, a missed entry, blocking gone awry, or even timing issues.  We are human, so that happens.  But I also see the crowd, the reaction, and when they are engrossed and engaged.  Feel them experiencing our drama for the first time.  I know how the Spirit of the Lord moves each time we open the curtains.  How real it feels.  See the word of the Holy Bible come to life on the stage.  It’s incredibly humbling knowing I have a small part of that, knowing how the drama impacts others and their relationship with Christ.  

I hope for the eighth season to have more new visitors.  With the pandemic in our rear-view mirror, the billboard on the building, and keeping our website active, I’m excited to see what the future brings.  I’m excited to see how God will move and improve the hour-long production.  To see what new faces will join the cast.  To see how costumes are improved and what new props are in use.  I’m so blessed to be a member of Sherman Full Gospel and a worker in the drama. Finally, my absolute hope is that while our congregation works to fulfill the ministry God has given us, I grow within my relationship with Christ.  I never take for granted the love He has for me; I always want to appreciate the gift God has given me within my church and the drama.  

If you haven’t made it to a performance before, I encourage you to visit and watch just one show.  To those who have seen it, thank you for supporting the drama.  Seven completed seasons and this eighth on the horizon is just amazing.  Pray for the drama, cast, crew, and our pastors and directors.   

Written by Maciena Justice, PR Specialist 
Justice has been a member of the Life of Christ Drama since its inception.

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